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Is beauty skin deep? It rolls nicely off the tongue, but is it really? When you’re scouting for partners, isn’t physical attraction high on your priority list? Well, most of us want to be with an attractive, intelligent, and kind-hearted person. The question is – in what order would we hierarchize these expectations? If being physically attracted to the other person is your most significant concern, does that make you superficial?

Janardhana, the protagonist in Raj Shetty’s hilarious debut – Ondu Motteya Kathe (Story of an Egghead), probably thinks so. The pressure’s on him to get married. A Kannada lecturer by profession, Janardhana is dark-skinned, bald, lanky and mopey. He’s passionate about his mother tongue, and he swears by the movie dialogues of his idol – Dr. Raj Kumar.

Everyone, from astrologers to well-wishers, undermines his eligibility to be in a relationship. To make matters worse, his mother is like Appu’s in Apoorva Sagodharargal. The swiftness with which she goes from exaggerating his eligibility to demasculinizing his soul is a thing of beauty. Most of her punchlines go for low-hanging fruits. But Usha Bhandary’s deadpan freak-outs has you in splits.

The best part of Ondu Motteya Kathe is that the alliance between you and the protagonist is questionable from the start. When people attack Janardhana, you don’t always side with him. You pity his plight, but that’s as far as you go. Because the man’s a bit of a jerk; as judgmental as the beautiful people who shun him.


No matter how you look, you aren’t convinced that he’s defending a way of life that you can relate to. It’s not because you believe that beauty is skin deep. You just don’t want to think of yourself as being a hypocrite, like this egghead .

Maybe, both of you are simply tired of not being loved the way you want to be loved. Sometimes, isn’t that worse than not being loved at all?

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